Multitouch external for MaxMSP

The trackpad on the late MacBooks can track up to 10 or more (!) fingers at once. Fingerpinger is an external object for MaxMSP that we wrote around code from This is an experimental hack. No guarantee it will work on future OS versions. But its fun and its free…

Update: Works with the Magic Trackpad, too!


TrackPadSynth is a simple but fun example of what you can do with fingerpinger. It’s a standalone version, you don’t need MaxMSP to try it out…

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AVR-Toolchain Installer Package for MacOSX

As outlined in the article Programming ATMEL microprocessors on a Mac, installing the AVR toolchain on the Mac can be a long and tedious procedure. Downloading, compiling and installing all the stuff can take up to 6 hours!

For a workshop I gave recently we tried to simply copy over all the binaries in /usr/local/avr/ and it worked.
Now I wrapped the whole thing into a nice installer package, see below.

Installation time: < 5min.
And the best part: you don't even need the Apple Developer Tools anymore (1.85 Gig !)
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uDMX - MIDI Interface 1.0

“uDMX - MIDI Interface” is a stand alone Application for Mac OS X. It provides a virtual MIDI-Port to communicate with the uDMX USB DMX Interface from any MIDI capable software like Cubase or Logic, as an alternative for using Max/MSP to directly control the uDMX. It can respond either to MIDI note or control change events and scales the MIDI resolution (0-127) to DMX (0-255).

You can download it here: Download “uDMX - MIDI Interface” (.dmg, 6.6 MB)

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DomContextMenu 0.6 released

A small javascript object providing a simple page-wide context menu that works on the structure of the underlying DOM. A right click on any node element starts an upward traversal of the DOM from the Target up to the document.body element, collecting all elements that have a contextual menu attached to them.
Contextual menu items can be attached, updated or removed dynamically at any time from any element

See the documentation for details and download

Controlling the uDMX from a Webserver

Using the uDMX commandline interface and PHP it is fairly easy to build a system to control your lights from a ordinary web browser. In this post I show you how to put a slider on a web page that controls the first channel of your DMX light dimmer. This is not a very useful application, but throw in some more Ajax and a database of your choice, et voilà: A web based lighting desk…

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An intuitive interactive documentary movie editing machine based on principles of molecular biology and evolution theory

docReactor is a research/art project currently under development. It will be published as open source and will be displayed first as docReactor1.0://intuiton at the festival “Science et Cité” at Fribourg, Switzerland, may 20-24 2005

docReactor1.0://intuiton will be an experimental documentary, edited entirely by the visitors, on the place of intuition in science and arts

see the project description for more details (currently in french, only)

LiveCut - Multicam for FinalCut Pro

Publication de LiveCut

Live cut est un outil très simple et intuitif pour le montage multi-caméras (jusqu’à 4 caméras).
Le montage peut être effectué en temps réel, comme dans les logiciels de montage live, en changeant simplement entre 4 sources synchronisées.

LiveCut est un logiciel libre (GPL)
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