• 1st September Helsinki – Finland
    Akusmata, Sound art Gallery, web
  • 2 September Tallinn – Estonia
    MIMstuudio, web
  • 3 September Riga – Latvia
    Bolderāja, web
  • 6 September Moscow – Russia
    Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, web
  • 9 September Kiev – Ukraine
    Visual Culture Research Center, web
  • 12 September Warsaw – Poland
    Palace of Culture and Science (Pałac Kultury i Nauki), web
    Welcome reception for 19th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, EPE’17 ECCE Europe. web
  • 16 September Gdańsk – Poland
    Kolonia Artystów, web
  • 18 September Berlin – Germany
    Madame Claude, web

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BIBLIOTEQ MDULAIR is an orchestra made of some 15 analogue function generators for four hands played by polish/swiss/french duet Emma Souharce and Daniel Maszkowicz.

With its oscilloscopes, sinusoidals, and frequency sweeps, Biblioteq Mdulair is a sound installation producing all kind of waveforms, exploring vibrations, tickeling resonances, and creating breathing beats. Those primitive electronics machines bring the soundspace down to a magma of waves for a dizzying acoustactile experience.

Bringing the fundamental acoustic waveform to the front stage so it can be experienced by the body and mind, each performance has a storyline with a scenario that allows the two artists to freely improvise from one chapter to another. The public that enters this intense and fascinating laboratory for sensorial experimentations is brought down to various atmospheres from a soft stroll to an earthquake.

SYNKIE is an analogue ecosystem for video manipulation created by [ a n y m a ]. This modular video synthesiser stands as the perfect alter-ego of legendary Moog and works as a true analogue processor for the moving image. The three creators/experimenters will distributes their video waves on dozens of CTR televisions for creating a total audiovisual symbiosis.

« Like a Moog or Doepfer synth, the Synkie was developed with modularity in mind. So far, [ a n y m a ] has built modules to split and combine the sync and video signals, and modules to invert, add, subtract, mix, filter and amplify those signals. The end result of all this video processing produces an output that can look like a glitched Atari, art installation, and scrambled cable station all at the same time. »
– Brian Benchoff – Hackaday


Synkie at LUFF 2014

Journeys with Tibetan Medicine

“Journeys with Tibetan Medicine” reveals the dramatic story of a family of Tibetan physicians from Buryatia (Siberia). The Badmayevs brought Tibetan medicine to the West: to St. Petersburg, Poland, Switzerland and the USA. They were border-dwellers who ventured to translate an Eastern Science into occidental thought and culture. Their story reveals a remarkable perspective of Tibetan medicine: namely, not as an ancient healing practice, but as a dynamic body of knowledge. As the Badmayevs made their way to the West, they encountered mystical inclined aristocrats, revolutionary lamas, party members with health problems, two Polish presidents and Swiss authorities. An odyssey which entailed four generations on a journey through the turmoil of the 20th century.
[ >>> ]

Journeys with Tibetan medecine - Kinostart in der Deutschschweiz

Ein Dokumentarfilm von Martin Saxer, [ a n y m a | documentaries ]
«Journeys with Tibetan Medicine» kommt ins Kino! Ab dem 4. oder 11. August in Zürich (, Bern ( und Basel ( In Zürich findet am Freitag, dem 29. Juli, um 12.15 im Arthouse Le Paris zusätzlich eine Vorpremiere im Rahmen von «Lunch Kino Special» statt.
Nicht verpassen und wenn möglich in der ersten oder zweiten Woche gehen, damit der Film etwas länger im Programm bleibt.

Wir haben auch einen Trailer zum Film geschnitten, der in einigen Kinos läuft. Er ist auch ab sofort auf unserer Website verfügbar:

Tournage de “Journeys With Tibetan Medicine”

2 mois de tournage en Pologne, Lituanie et Russie et Bouriatie du documentaire « Journeys with Tibetan Medicine »

  • Director, Editor: Martin Saxer
  • Cinematography: Michael Egger
  • Sound: Anet Marti

> Photoblog du tournage
> Trailer du film

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