The VideoBass is an instrument that plays moving images instead of sound.
With your left hand you chose a video clip on the strings (a note) and you trigger it in rhythm with your right hand.

The four strings can play up to four different clips at the same time that you can mix together using the playstation knobs.

The VideoBass was invented by Swiss media artist Michael Egger in collaboration with Maïté Colin. It is a project by [ a n y m a ], and is supported by the Migros Kulturprozent,
We started developing (and playing) the VideoBass in 2003, and it has evolved a lot since then.
Hardware and software are open source, published under GNU GPL.

There are two modes of operation on the strings. One is to browse the library to chose a clip, the other is to “unfold” a clip on the string, so you can scroll through a clip and select the right in point to trigger a loop.


Some photos

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The very first prototype had ordinary guitar strings on a graphite fingerboard, and a TactBall for triggering the clips.

This is the third prototype as of 2005, it features the new home-wound strings. The TactBall was too limited and got replaced by a plexiglass keyboard (which proved to be quite unreliable).

Our video instruments on display at the Kunsthaus Glarus.

The 2007 version is based on our gnusb – usb sensor box, it connects directly via USB, and I replaced the keyboard with playstation controller knobs for triggering and mixing four clips individually.